The True Cost Of Your Fears

He who is brave is free- Seneca

Fear, now I have dedicated time and articles already to this topic, but I feel that a true round-up is needed.

Especially when it comes to the cost of fear. Now if you have read my past articles on fear, you will know of the different types of people to look out for (you can also check my Instagram, where I believe this carousel is already up)

However, one area that I have not touched on is the true cost of being fearful.

Not even in terms of the economic cost to you and your family but the other untalked about internal costs.

Fear is the great destroyer of our motivation and energy, it is what stops us from going into the unknown. As previously explained that this may be innate but is now costing us more than it is protecting us.

Back in our primal days, fear was needed but now that we do not have to worry about being eaten for supper by some big besat or being maimed by a sharp claw or tusk, fear has become an internal mental battle.

This battle is between society’s tyrannical norms and the unknown and the unsecured.

But what happens internally when fear strikes. When we face the three beasts within our own mind?

The True Cost Of Fear:

Externally fear often makes us lazy and underachievers, we do not reach for the goal, we become uninspired and unmotivated. Our energy levels are sapped and each day we become reactionary to the world around us. We begin to lose track of who we are and what we need to be doing.

But worse than that is what happens on the inside.

Just like a flower that receives no sunlight fear can strangle and cripple your very being. When we become fearful we allow others to hurt us, we become internally cold, we forget to be human. We turn into a shell.

Walking On Sun… Over the pit.

Instead of standing up for ourselves, fear makes us cower. We can no longer see the sunshine, feel the heat and power we have. We allow others to question our decisions, blame us when everything goes wrong.

Our internal fire is extinguished by the doubt, the distraction, the loud devil voices holding the fire extinguisher.

Instead of waking up walking on sunshine, feeling the energy from the fire of motivation. We become shriveled. Unenthusiastic, every day we walk over a pit of worry, where the tentacles of fear grapple onto us, and try to pull us down.

We no longer stand up for ourselves and we become the verbal punchbag when everything goes wrong.

This then applies to other social situations and can lead down the dark and lonely path of being lonely.

The Breakups:

Another effect of fear is our relationships. When we become fearful we push ourselves away from those who are trying to help. We begin to worry that we are not good enough that we will mess this up.

We do not want to hurt, we do not want to hurt others, our fear tells us we are not good enough, our shoulders hunch over, every argument becomes more ‘proof’ that we are the problem.

We continually feel the pain in our stomach, trying not to argue with anyone, trying to go against our instincts by becoming unsocial, it drains the energy out of us. Eventually, our friendships begin to suffer and we end up in the deep black hole of self-pity, alone.

We will always struggle to break free, as fear continues to put out the burning embers of our self-worth and self-value.

Our self-esteem no longer has a voice and is instead imprisoned inside the dying emotional heart. Our soul is caged and begins to dim.

Fear now controls our mindset.

The Thoughts:

Eventually, hate will take over our thoughts. It will wrestle and seize the good and replace it with the bad.

It leads to the hatred of people, the hatred of races. Fear begins to look for the negatives in every news story.

It focuses on tabloid propaganda, it fuels the hatred, the Bin LArdens, The members of IS, The Stalins.

It stops the mind from seeing sense, it changes the fire inside of us, our passion, our love, our humanity, into the black fires of hades.

Our anger replaces love, we lash out at our loved ones, fear makes us become lonelier than we could ever have imagined.

The Breaking Point:

We all have that point in life when the pressure becomes too much when life becomes too great when expectations become too high.

This is the time when we need to be most cautious as to our fears. It is at these breaking points that our fears can become the most dangerous.

When the mind is focused on dealing with the strains, it leaves the monster unchecked. The monster then rises towards the mind to seize control and make us back down from these trials and tribulations.

The only way to stop fear from taking over at the breaking point is to continue. When your mind continues and when you continue, fear can no longer claim you for its own. Just like the cross against the devil, it becomes impossible for fear to win.

This is why you must continue at all costs down your path of unknowns, to turn back is to give into your fear. When you give into fear you allow fear to grow in strength.

Don’t give up, move forward, and prosper.

Until tomorrow this has been your coach Andrew.



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