Stop! Being A Slave To Your Body & Mind: The One Hour Morning Routine That Allows You To Be The Master Of All

Creating good morning habits.

Our mornings are extremely important.

Most people wake up and go to work and that is it! However, this is such a waste!

Our mornings are vital, they decide how we live through the day. They decide whether today will be a day of busy work or productive work.

But why is this?

Morning time is the first chance you get to set your mind and body into the right frame of mind. Your body does not want to get out of bed so you roll over. Mistake 1.

Your alarm goes off and you hit snooze and fall back asleep again. Mistake 2.

These two mistakes can be the difference makers between productivity and reaction in the day. By now you must be wondering why? Why is our morning routine so important to us?

Well, the answer is it either makes us a slave to our body and mind or we become the masters of both.

Let me explain.

Becoming A Slave:

Our bodies and mind are powerful processors of our daily lives. Our mind deciphers the information that we take in. It deciphers what we remember and how we act throughout the day.

Our body is the mechanism that moves us, it is our engine, it needs food to sustain it and it informs us of our surroundings through nerve stimuli. (Our Senses)

In the morning neither wants to function. The act of sleep gives the mind and body rest. Your body is at peace and your mind can process the day’s events, thoughts, feelings, etc.

When morning comes, this process has to be disturbed. Our brains have to start up again, our bodies must awaken. Neither wants to do this. After all your mind is like a computer, the more information it has to store the hotter it gets and the more it breaks down.

Your body is at rest and does not want to have to start moving and processing your senses.

Together they are happy to just stay where they are.

If you do not wake them up properly if you don’t focus your mind early your mind will be left to wonder about. When this happens it becomes impossible to stay focused for any length of time. Your mind will simply wander to something else.

Without training your body, it will want to stay in sleep mode. It will leave you feeling lethargic and devoid of energy, which in turn makes you feel weak and sleepier.

Becoming A Master:

By mastering your mind and body you stop the above processes from happening. You get the blood pumping alerting your body to wake up. You clear the computer in your brain so it can operate at optimal levels.

You also work out your mind to stop it wondering about that hot girl/guy you want to be intimate with, or what you are going to have for dinner that evening.

Your body becomes a machine, and by making your body a machine you can function at the highest levels of your body’s ability.

But how do you get to this?


The one-hour morning routine, allows your body and mind to become the deadly weapons they are. You allow your body to wake up and you allow your mind to clear. This is done by three simple activities. In any order.

Activity 1: Clearing The Schedule (20 Minutes):

Our schedules are busy places, especially the higher up the corporate ladder you go. Your schedule becomes tighter and your time more filled. But it should not be like this.

You should spend time plotting your day and removing unimportant and non-urgent tasks from your day. That meeting that you are having to attend that was booked three months ago. Is it still relevant? Do you NEED to be there?

Every day, every morning you should spend twenty minutes going through your day either in your head or with a physical diary. Are the activities and meetings in that diary still important? Are they going to move the needle of productivity? Are they going to help move the business forward?

If the answer is no, then cancel them or delegate them to someone else. You have no time for that.

Activity 2: The Work Out (20 Minutes):

Now I know a lot of you will roll your eyes at this one. But you must work out. No excuses. Twenty minutes of yoga or a HIT workout is more than achievable before work, even if you get up twenty minutes earlier in the morning there can be no excuses.

This allows you to master your body. You’re forcing your body to move, your breaking down the muscle or stretching out the muscles if you do yoga. You can even just go for a brisk twenty-minute walk.

It can be anything to get your heart rate up. By getting your heart rate up you force your body into action, you’re making your body work for you instead of you working for it.

Activity 3: Meditation (20 Minutes):

Meditation is the last of the activities you need to do. The reason behind this is it will allow you to clear your mind. It allows you to close all those tabs that were left open from yesterday.

It allows you to bring the internal temperature of that computer down to optimal levels. It also allows your body to relax too. By doing this practice you’re centering yourself.

Now it does not matter what type of meditation you do, all that matters is you do it.

As shutting down all those mental tabs re-focuses the mind, it allows you to control your thought process, your breathing, your tension and prepares you to go rock the day.

By doing all three activities instead of hitting the snooze button, you master both mind and body, you then can push forward in your day to use your body and mind in tangent to become a productivity machine.



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Andrew Flanagan


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