How to Optimise Your Health: The Ultimate Guide

Andrew Flanagan
5 min readFeb 23, 2022

Our health is important to us, after all, we need our health to be able to function properly.

But how do we optimise our health not just so our bodies are in line, but also so we can achieve high performance in our personal and business lives.

The last few blogs have been based on generating energy and today will be the last blog on this subject.

So like always before we get into optimising our health I think it is important that we look at the basics of how optimising your health can generate energy.

Optimising Basics:

In the perfect world we would get eight hours of sleep, workout daily, eats healthily, and become rich from our jobs.

Unfortunately in the real world, this does not seem to work.

We usually have to give up one or more areas of life to focus in on one of the other areas. This causes issues in our personal and business lives.

Usually, the first sacrifice will be our health. We stop going to the gym. We stop eating healthily, we spend more time in the office, and. quickly we become extremely drained of this experience.

We use excuses like, everyone else is working hard so I do. Or… I am just built differently.

But these excuses are severely misguided.


Well, when we do not optimise our health, our focus leaves us quicker, our health declines, and so does our energy.

So what can we do to change this?

Exercise More:

One way to start optimising our health is to exercise more.

When we exercise, we release endorphins which improve our mood and make us happy. In addition to this, when we work out we are able to focus better and for longer periods of time due to the increase in oxygen flow to our brain.

But what type of exercises should you be doing?

That depends on your own body type and personality. If you are someone who does not like going running or lifting weights then find an activity that suits you such as swimming, cycling, or martial arts. Just make sure that you enjoy it otherwise you will not keep up with the routine.

Now like in the last blog, exercise does not necessarily mean the gym, it can walk, or even jog outdoors, around your back garden even!

Here is my preferred routine:

2 X Per Week Cardio Based Workout (20 Minutes)

2 X Per Week Strength-Based Workout (20 Minutes)

Eating Better:

The second way to start optimising our health is to start eating better.

We do not need to say no completely to the foods we love, but we must try and limit our intake of unhealthy food.

Instead, eat more fruit and vegetables so that you feel much fuller while also improving your immune system as well as your digestive system.

In addition to this, drink plenty of water throughout the day so that you can rid yourself of any toxins in your body which could be causing energy issues or just general sickness problems. Water has been shown by studies to improve focus in both men and women making it a great way for us all optimise our health.

Getting Enough Sleep:

The third and final way to start optimising our health is to get enough sleep.

This one can be tricky as many people struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep throughout the night.

But if we want to have any chance of being productive during the day we need to make sure that we are getting enough shut-eye.

Studies show that adults should be getting around eight hours of sleep every night in order for us to function at our best both physically and mentally.

The best ways to get eight hours per night is:

  • Stop Working Two Hours Before Going To Bed
  • Do Not Look At Screen One Hour Before Bed
  • Set A Bed Time
  • Stop Drinking Coffee By Four In The Afternoon
  • Take A Drink Of Water Two Hours Before Going To Bed

If you manage that then you should start seeing a good night’s sleep.

Questions To Ask Yourself:

1 I Want To Get As Physically Healthy As I Can At This Stage Of My Life Because…

You need to think of the reason why you want to get physically healthy. It is not just enough to say to look good, as this reason will leave you when it becomes hard in the first weeks of going to the gym.

It is why so many people start the gym in the New Year but never make it through February, as their reason is too weak.

You need to think of a reason that is in your soul, and then remember it when times get tough.

2 If I Was Going To Get In The Best Physical Shape Of My Life, The First Three Things I Would Stop Doing Would Be…

What bad habits do you have? Do you drink too much, eat too much sugar? Well whatever the reason is you need to pin that up somewhere that you will see every day, you need to make it your enemy that you are going to defeat.

3 The Things I Would Start Doing Include…

What are you going to start doing?

You now need to start thinking in the longer-term about your health goals. What can you start doing?

Getting a personal trainer, going to see your doctor, etc are good places to start.

4 A Weekly Schedule That I Could Use To Get Healthier And Actually Stick To Would Be…

How can you plan your week in order to become healthier? This could be as simple as scheduling walks.

You could also batch cook food on your weekends, to save cooking throughout the week.


So these are three ways in which we can start optimising our health. By following these simple guidelines, we can slowly but surely improve our focus, energy, and overall mood. Just make sure that you find an exercise routine and diet that you enjoy so that you do not get bored or burnt out quickly! And finally, get enough sleep each night to feel your best the next day. Thanks for reading!

Until tomorrow this has been your coach Andy.



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