How To Always Bring Your A-Game

Andrew Flanagan
4 min readFeb 25, 2022

We fight for people. We know we need our A-Game in those fights. But yet when it comes to our work, we fail to find someone we want to fight for. Instead, we go blank. We become numb and we go through the days wasting away.

We repeat the same dull routines each day, just waiting for time off on the weekend. The issue with this is we fail to gain performance necessity.

As I mentioned in the last blog we fight harder for other people than we do for ourselves. It is natural. As well as that when we have either:

  • A Social Duty
  • An Obligation
  • A Purpose

We can fight even harder. So the question then becomes who is going to need you on your A-Game?

In this blog, I will aim to answer this question as well as hand you some questions that you can ask yourself through the day so you can always find a reason to be on your A-game.

The Basics:

We fight harder for others than we do ourselves, this has already been covered. But when we go through our day-to-day lives, most of the time we never set ourselves with an intention to think about who needs us most on our A-games.

There are a few ways you can do this. You can look at this daily. Before you go to work or you can look at this on a per-task basis

Both ways work great so it does not matter which you pick or even who you pick, as the answer will be different depending on your situation.

If you own a company then your answer will probably be different to someone who is on the lowest rung of their corporate ladders.

So now that we have a basic understanding let us delve deeper into who we should choose.

Who Needs You?

This question is simple but can also be quite complex because depending on the situation will decide the answer:


As a business owner, I can look at this one of two ways.


In which case my employees need me to be on my A-Game as if I do not make the right decisions, if I cannot bring in new clients, then I cannot make any money, it is as simple as that.

But I also have my family to think about as well. They also need me on my A-Game as the money I bring home helps support that family.

So for me, I have an overall daily objective which is as follows:

My family needs me on my A-Game to get money. My employees need me on my A-Game so they can have a job.

As well as this I also use an hourly model.

For each new task that I have, I will always ask myself.

Who in this next hour needs me to be on my A-game?

I might have a client call, or I might have a business meeting, and this way I become intentional.

I know in each circumstance who is going to need me on my A-game so I can bring it.

Now for most people reading this blog, you will not need the hourly thought because more than likely you work for someone else, and unless you absolutely love your job, you probably could not care less about them.

So for people in this category, I would say focus on the daily.

What Are The Questions You Can Ask Yourself:

The People Who Need Me On My A-Game Right Now Are…

Give a list of the people who need you to be on your A-game. Then make a separate list of those who you want to be on your A-Game for.

The Reason Each Of These People Need Me On My A-Game Are…

For each person list three reasons (full sentences) as to why they need you on your A-game.

The Reason I Want To Be On My A-Game For Each Of Them Are…

Why do you want to be on your A-game for these people? More importantly, why is it a must for you to be on your A-game

I Know That I Am On My A-Game When I Think, Feel, Or Behave…

List down three feelings. Three thoughts and three behaviors.

The Obstacles/Events That Throw Me Off My A-Game Are…

What could stop you from being on your A-game today?

I Can Deal With These Better By…

How are you going to get past these obstacles and remain focused on your A-game?


To get onto your A-game more often than you already are, you need to find a deep reason why you must achieve in the task, or in the job, or for the day.

When we ask these questions each day before we go to work we are allowing ourselves a chance to get our head in the right zone which will allow for us to have a better performance, increasing our chances to succeed in the day and in our jobs.

Our jobs take up the majority of our life so why do we waste any of it? Instead, get your priorities sorted and start taking responsibility for yourself.

Until tomorrow this has been your coach Andy.



Andrew Flanagan

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