How To Accept & Define Your Reality: Finding Meaning In A Crazy World

We all have to face reality at some point. Reality can be harsh and unforgiving, but it is also what we make of it. The way we define our reality internally affects how we live our lives. If we try to avoid facing the negative aspects of reality, then those negatives will shape our lives in a negative way. However, if we accept that there are negatives in life but don’t absorb them into our reality, then we can find meaning and happiness in spite of them. In this blog post, we will explore how to accept and define your reality.

However, just because you are in a situation now, does not mean that that has to define your reality. In truth, your reality now will be ever-changing. So here are some ways you can define what your circumstances are currently to make your reality.

Define Internally Your Reality:

The first element in accepting your reality is defining what your reality is inside of you.

Most of what you see as your reality is external factors, but how you interpret these factors will be up to you. You can either see the world as a cruel, dark place or you can find the good in it. No one else can define your reality for you; it is something that you have to come to terms with on your own.

Just because something is hard now externally, does not mean you have to interpret this internally as a negative. You could look at the challenge as something that will help you grow. You can look at it as something that will bring you closer to a goal.

It is your internal mechanism that decides what the reality you facing truly feels like.

Finding Meaning In Your Reality:

Once you have defined what your reality is internal, the next step is finding meaning in it.

Again, just because something negative is happening externally does not mean that you have to let it affect you internally. You can find meaning in the good and bad moments of life. It is up to you to decide what has value and what doesn’t.

If you are going through a hard time, try to think about what you have learned from the experience. How has this challenge made you stronger or more resilient?

Even if things don’t seem very positive right now, know that there is always some sort of lesson to be learned. And once you learn that lesson, your reality will change for the better.

How To Avoid Shaping A Negative Reality:

Now that we understand how to accept our reality and find meaning in it, we need to discuss how to avoid shaping a negative reality.

As mentioned before, if you try to avoid facing the negative aspects of reality, then those negatives will shape your life in a negative way.

It is important to face the hard realities head-on so that you can learn from them and grow as a person.

If you constantly run away from your problems, they will only get bigger and harder to deal with down the road.

We are allowed to accept that some of our reality is less than optimal. But, that does not mean we have to accept the less than optimal as the status quo. What this means is that we need to find a way to change the commentary on what is going on.

Then we can take the narrative and turn it into a positve.

How To Accept Some Negatives But Not Absorbing Them Into Your Reality:

The final step is learning how to accept some negatives but not absorb them into your reality.

This means that you acknowledge that there are difficult things in life, but you don’t let them take over your life.

You can still find happiness and meaning in spite of the negatives.

It is important to have a positive outlook on life, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore the bad things.

In fact, accepting the bad makes the good feel even better.

When you know that there is darkness in the world, it feels all the more special when you find moments of light.

We can bend our realities to be whatever we want them to be. A broken house may feel like a negative for you, but to a homeless person, they may be made up with a roof over their head.

The reality we find ourselves in can always be changed, as long as we do not absorb the negatives, and focus on learning what we need to learn in order to grow and leave the negative behind, to make your reality a better place.

So remember, while it is important to accept and define your reality, don’t forget to live your life along the way. Reality is what we make of it and it’s up to us to find meaning in our lives no matter what situation we are in.

Until tomorrow this has been your coach Andy.



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