MindsetBringing the Joy: How To Use Joy To Generate Energy

Andrew Flanagan
5 min readFeb 22, 2022

We all want to be happy, don’t we? It’s one of the main goals we have in life. And yet, it can be so hard to achieve sometimes. We get bogged down by the stresses of daily life, or we simply don’t know how to find happiness. In this blog post, we will explore ways that you can bring more joy into your life. We will discuss different techniques and strategies that you can use to help you find happiness and keep it with you throughout your day!

Joy Basics:

Joy is a feeling we all want. When we a joyous we feel better about ourselves, our memory increases, and our well-being is overall better.

But joy is much more than just a feeling. When we have joy everything works better, this applies especially to our jobs.

When our jobs give us the joy we do them more effectively, we enjoy doing them.

This causes a chain reaction.

The more we enjoy the activity, the more effort and focus we put in. The more of these two we put in the better the end result.

But like with anything some activities are just really boring, when they are boring, we have trouble finding the joy in the task at hand.

So the question then becomes… how do we find enough joy in our mundane tasks to allow us to become high performers, and have an improved mindset?

We will break this question down into two.

How To Find Joy In The Mundane:

Joy is a wonderous feeling as explained above, however, some tasks are just mundane. For me that is admin.

But we can change how we feel about the mundane.

Joy is like energy in the fact that we generate it. Because we can generate it means that we can summon it whenever we need it.

Joy comes down to one factor. That is:

Positive Emotion.

When we have positive emotions we will begin to feel joy. Think about a joyous moment, more than likely you and those around you were displaying positive emotions, which made the experience overly positive.

Well with this we can apply the same to the mundane tasks in our lives.


Every week I have to schedule posts. I hate this activity, it is monotonous and quite frankly boring. But it is a necessity to be able to get the content out to you.

So I have to bring joy to that task.

For me, that is thinking about someone reading my post, connecting with it, and then either acting on it or sharing it with someone who needs to see it.

I become positive about the importance of that post going out. So the scheduling of that post becomes a necessity.

So this allows me to do this task with more joy.

It works with any task that you are needing to complete.

Our mindsets determine how we view tasks, and when we train our minds to generate joy consistently, then we start to notice it more. We start to be able to will our mindsets to find joy.

How you can find joy in these tasks are as follows:

  • Prime the emotion you want to feel. Visualise yourself doing that task with that emotion.
  • Anticipate the positive outcomes that may come from your actions
  • Anticipate the obstacles you may face within the task, and how your best self would deal with them

By doing this practice before starting a mundane task, you can start to fill yourself up with joy to get through the task.

If you then apply this to every task, you become joyful throughout the day, which then spreads into your personal life. Joy is contagious after all.

How To Improve Mindset With Joy:

Like all feelings it is possible to train your mind to look for joy and look at situations with a joyous outlook.

Very soon you could start focusing on the positives with the deliberate practice of seeking joy no matter the circumstances.

This can be done by any of the following:

  • Seek To Insert Appreciation or Suprise Into Your Day
  • Steer your Interactions Towards A Positive Outcome
  • Reflect On What You Have To Be Grateful For

It is only when we start to look for opportunities to be joyous do we actually find them.

Questions To Ask In The Shower:

In your head or out loud you can start your day right, by setting up your mindset for the day. How can you do this?

By answering a few questions in the shower, before you put on your work attire and go to war with your day.

Questions like:

  • What Can I Get Excited About Today?
  • A Situation I Might Find Stressful Today Is… & My Best Self Would Handle It By…
  • Who Can I Suprise Today?

When we begin our day with these questions quickly it becomes easier to set your focus straight away and allows you to have activities to look forward to throughout your day.

However, generating energy and bringing joy are all-day tasks so what else can you do.


Triggers are an amazing way to set up your day, when you perform certain actions you can have a trigger that makes you think about something.


For me, I have a seat trigger, which is when I sit down which means that every time my but hits a seat I ask myself:

Who needs me at this moment, how can I best serve them?

This then allows me to focus, and become more joyous as I know I will be helping someone whilst I am sitting down.

But there are more than just one mental trigger:

  • Notification Trigger

Pop in your phone three words that you want to be remembered for, and have them go off at different times of the day.

When our phones vibrate, we have a tendency to pick them up straight away, this allows you to refocus into one of your three chosen words.

  • Door Frame Trigger

When you are standing in a door frame, ask yourself this:

How will I generate the joy within this room?

  • Waiting Trigger

We all hate waiting in lines, but we can turn this to our advantage.

Instead of just standing there, think about who or what you are grateful for in the moment.

  • Touch Trigger

When you touch someone else, think about how you are going to serve that person.

  • Gift Trigger

Whenever something positive happens to you or someone you know takes a second to appreciate the gift that is life.

  • Stress Trigger

When you are stressed out you have two choices:

  1. Stay Stressed
  2. Re-focus

With this trigger anytime you become stressed, recalibrate your thinking to what is a positive thing I can focus my attention on right now?

This will allow you to get over your stress.


It is easy to be negative all day especially when we are doing tasks that we hate. But is it not better to be joyous instead?

What could be better than feeling happy all day?

So are you going to start bringing joy?

Until tomorrow this has been your coach Andy.



Andrew Flanagan

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