Affirming Your Why: How TO Gaining More Performance Necessity

Andrew Flanagan
4 min readFeb 28, 2022

Why are you doing this? This is a question that you will always ask yourself when you are going through a tough time.

Once you have your why figured out though for most of us we simply just get on with our days, we never take a moment to affirm our whys to ourselves and others.

This is where we miss out on some performance necessity.

You are probably wondering how this can be?

Well in this blog I will show you why you need to be affirming your why more often and to more people in order to gain more performance necessity.

The Basics:

As always let us begin by looking at the basics.

Our why’s are important to us, as I have explained in past blogs without a strong enough why we are destined to fail.

But without affirming that why we will also fail.

So what is affirming the why?

Have you ever talked to someone who is at the top of their game? An athlete who is training for the Olympics can explain in as much depth and time as to why he has picked a certain workout and the benefits of that workout as it takes to do the workout?

That is because he is affirming his why.

This is an important step in gaining performance necessity.

Having the confidence in the why and then being able to explain why it is important to you confidentially. This begins to unlock performance necessity.

Why is this?

Personality Does NOT Equal High Performance:

When we think of successful people we believe that they are more likely to be extroverted instead of introverted because they are confident in explaining their actions and their whys.

But this is not true. In fact, personality does not correlate at all with high performance and success.

People who are successful tend to be that way because they can confidently explain why they are doing something that is important to them.


For me being present on all social media is important to me. When I get asked why, straight away I can answer that, The answer I give is as follows:

For me to be successful in this age as a coach, with all the noise around inside of mindset and high performance I need to be able to reach a wider audience across platforms.

While I know that for most this is the opposite of what is suggested, by focusing on just one platform I can engage better.

But I believe that by being omnipresent across multiple platforms and dividing my time in such a way that I can easily be across multiple platforms with good quality I can stand out as a high performer.

On top of this, content can be easily repurposed. A carousel can be repurposed into information for Pinterest, Reddit, and Quora, A reel can be repurposed into a TikTok. A Twitter post can be re-purposed into a carousel or a Facebook post.

Most social media has an overlap, and I know that with work I can exploit this to my advantage.

Now, do you see why it is important to reaffirm the why?

If I just stated that I needed to be all over social media when it gets hard, or I get questioned, it would become hard to answer, and this could break my confidence. However, because I have taken the time to reaffirm why I need to be across all platforms I have confidence within me.

It is for that reason that we much affirm our whys.

Questions To Ask Yourself:

The Things That I Would Like To Become Extraordinary At Doing Are…

List out all the skills you want to master, or need to master within your business or your day job. Then make a separate list of skills in your personal life you want to master.

My Whys For Becoming Excellent In Each Of These Areas Are…

Why do you need to become excellent in these areas? Why is it important to you? What will happen if you do not become excellent in these areas?

The People I Will Tell About These Goals And Whys Behind Them Are…

Who are you going to tell? Which family members, which friends? As soon as you have your list just give them a call.

The Things I Can Say Out Loud To Myself To Affirm These Whys-My Affirmations-Are…

When times are tough and you are thinking about giving up what can you say to yourself that will put you right back on your path.

Some Ways I Can Remind Myself About These Important Goals And Whys Are…

How can you remind yourself daily of these goals and these whys?


Affirming your why is a necessary and important step in gaining performance necessity.

When you affirm your why’s you speak it out into existence.

So from here on out start affirming your whys daily.

Until tomorrow this has been your coach Andy.



Andrew Flanagan

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